Tea & Food Pairing Guide

Sometimes, just having a simple cup of tea might not be enough. That’s the perfect time to experiment with pairing tea with different types of food. Different types of tea pair well with a lot of food from obvious choices like cake and scones to more adventurous choices like hummus. Read this blog and find out which food perfectly pairs with different types of tea.

Match the intensity of the dish and the tea

The flavour notes of tea range from the delicate flavours of white tea to the rich and bold flavours of black tea. So, when pairing food with tea, it is important to make sure the weight and the intensity of flavours of the tea and the food you pair it with are on the same level. For example, black tea and red meat are a great pairing since both of them have intense flavours. But, pairing white tea with a rich curry might be counterproductive because the rich flavours of the curry can overpower the subtle flavours of the white tea.

Ideal food pairings for different types of tea


Black Tea - Due to the way its processes, black tea boasts more astringent flavour notes, together with woody and malty tastes. This intense flavour makes black tea pair well with rich food that carry heavy flavours. 


  • Red meat
  • Rich desserts
  • Spicy dishes
  • Chocolate
  • Pastries


Green Tea - Since green tea is processed to bring out the raw flavours of the tea leaf, this tea carries an earthy, vegetative palette. This makes it pair well with vibrant, fresh ingredients.


  • Salads
  • Sushi
  • White fish
  • White meat
  • Rice
  • Steamed greens

Oolong Tea - Generally, oolong teas have a smoky flavour. But, depending on how it is processed it can be strong or light. Ideally, lighter oolong teas should be paired with lighter flavours and darker oolong teas should be paired with stronger flavours. 


  • Light oolong : Seafood, fruits
  • Dark oolong : Smoked meat, granola, roasted vegetables, pancakes

    White Tea - White tea has the most gentle flavour of all teas. So, it needs to be paired with food very carefully because it can be easily overpowered by strong flavours. 


    • Mild cheeses (e.g Chevre)
    • White fish
    • Light desserts
    • Cucumber


    Fruit Tea - Due to their complex and vibrant flavours, fruit teas pair well with many diverse dishes. 


    • Dark chocolate
    • Complex desserts


    Pairing teas with food can truly be a game-changer. Experimenting with different flavours and food is the best way for you to find out the ideal tea and food pairings that fit your palette. 


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